Is Spotify Premium good? Is it worth signing?

Currently Spotify is the largest music streaming service and has more than 356 million monthly active users, of which 158 million are subscribers. However, is Spotify really a good service for every need? Find out now in the article where we will show you all the features and functionality of the service.

Music library and interface

Spotify now has more than 70 million songs with a good variety, ranging from little-known artists to world “stars”. Many end up preferring the streaming service precisely because the company is able to cover a good variety of styles, artists and local music from different regions of the world. However, depending on your musical taste, you may prefer other services. If you access Spotify now, if you are a Premium subscriber, you will have access to streaming audio at a bit rate of 320 kbps. 

The usability of a streaming app will interfere with the user experience, and one of the aspects that influence this is the interface. It is through it that you will search for your music, share albums and playlists with your friends find the best indications. Fortunately, Spotify has invested a lot in this regard in an attempt to provide the best possible experience for its users, but not everything is perfect.

Why Spotify is so amazing?

Spotify is one of the best streaming music services, where you can listen to different artists, albums and playlists wherever you are. The signature Premium brings offline playback, remove the advertisements and lets you skip as many songs as you want. Just do not forget to download the Spotify app later. With Spotify Premium, you pay $16.90 per month to have access to millions of songs by streaming, whether online or offline. On Spotify Family, you house up to five members who maintain their individual accounts and the price is $ 26.90 for one person. 

Spotify for students is also very beneficial for college students. After proving that you register with a registered higher education institution, your Spotify account will have the same benefits as Spotify Premium, but paying a much lower amount: $ 8.50. If you have a Spotify account, and you want to listen to offline songs, you can download Pazusoft Spotify Music Downloader so that you can download online music and keep listening offline.

Spotify free version

The Spotify changed the free version of the app for Android and iPhone to make it more attractive. In the recent update of the service’s application, non-paying users will have more flexibility to listen to music, with functions previously restricted to subscribers. The measure aims to increase the base of general subscriptions on the platform and, thus, encourage more people to join the paid service.

Spotify brings a smart feature capable of automatically adding songs to user-created playlists. The program adds items from similar artists to make up the selection. You can see which songs added manually and which added by the automated system. The feature is present in both Spotify Premium and Free. In the free version, however, only playlists generated automatically by the service and without random marking can play freely.

Anita Harris

Anita Harris