Canon EOS R3: Specifications and Features

Canon’s EOS R3 Full-Frame Mirrorless camera is one of the most coveted cameras that has been launched by Canon in 2021. A dream for photographers that cover sports, wildlife and fashion; this camera is engineered for performance par excellence. 

The EOS R3 captures split-second high-speed action in ways that are incredible. The best mirrorless camera 2021 has been introduced to,supports in-camera footage of 12-bit 6K RAW movie up to 60 frames per second high-bit and has a high-pixel resolution. It is also appropriate for archiving and post production skills, due to its ability to extract stills at around 19MP from 6K RAW movie.

Features of the Canon EOS R3

The Canon EOS R3’s significant features are real jaw-droppers.

  1. Its back side illuminated, stacked 24.1MP sensor brags of a super-fast readout speed which can capturephotos at up to 30fps when using the electronic shutter up to 12fps using the mechanical shutter. The speed of the sensor is so quick and fast that it almost gets rid of the rolling shutter. 
  2. The entire camera is so fast that the shutter mechanism can be slowed down manually. The R3’s shutter hold-up is 20ms, which is sofast that you may depress the shutter too quick. Thus, it is advisable to adjust the shutter lag to 45ms. 
  3. The shutter speed can be shot all the way down to 1/64000 seconds to accurately freeze moments in time. The flash can be used along with the electronic shutter a features that was uncommon until the recent past. 
  4. The 24.1MP resolution translates into the sensor capturing 6K RAW video up till 60p, enabling you to record 4K up to 60p. 
  5. The illuminated sensor construction at the back side works along with the remarkable sensitivity of ISO100-102,400 (which can be expanded to 50-204,800) for tough low light performance. The auto focus (AF) can focus down to -7.5EV. 
  6. When it comes to the camera’s focus, the R3’s signature specification is the Eye Control AF. This function is a phenomenal one that allows the camera to detect eyeball movement. You can focus on the point just by looking at your subject.
  7. The second most talked about feature is the core Dual Pixel CMOS AF II system that fuels the Canon EOS R5 and Canon EOS R6, but is distinctive in the R3 due to the brand new Deep Learning Auto Focus algorithm. This makes the performance superior than the R5 and R6 as it is more robust and offers a new subject detectionability beyond the animal eye AF and human eye AF: vehicle AF.
  8. The EOS R3 also offers up to 8 stops of compensation, due to its powerful in-body image stabilization system with selected Canon RL Lens.

Product specification: 

  • Stacked sensor-back-illuminated sensor
  • Burst Rate – Continuous shootingup to 30fps from the electronic shutter and 12 fps with mechanical shutter
  • Max ISO – The sensitivity ranges from ISO 100 to 102,400 (expandable to ISO 204,800)
  • Image Quality – 24 megapixel resolution which is the ideal blend of file size, high ISO performance and image quality. 
  • Rock steady Image Stabilizer – in-body up to 8-stop IS that performs in tandem with the lens’s own IS
  • Eye control Auto Focus – Automatic selection of the subject’s focus point by detecting the eyeball movement
  • Subject tracking – Automatic tracking of vehicles, animals and people in both video and photo modes
  • Vari-Angle screen – well pronounced 8.2cm, 4,200,000-dot touch screen
  • EVF – 5,760,000-dot electronic viewfinder which is blackout-free. It has a 120fps refresh rate and 100% coverage
  • WiFi& Bluetooth- Wireless connectivity for image transfer and remote control 
  • 6K RAW – 60 fps with the utmost flexibility to change post production settings such as white balance 
  • 4K 120p – Enables slow motion video recording in ultra-high detail

The Canon EOS R3 Full-Frame Mirrorless camera is redefining the future of action photography by capturing fleeting moments in unimaginable ways. No wonder it is the best mirrorless camera 2021 has featured. 

Sanchez Longo

Sanchez Longo