Latest Industry News | SEA Players Can Look Forward to the Upcoming MMORPG Ragnarok Origin Global

On September 15 of 2022, the launch of Ragnarok Origin was made available in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, China. Through the use of cross-platforms, mobile and PC players were able to access the game. As announced, Ragnarok Origin Global is expected to be released in Southeast Asia during the first six months of 2023.

Within five days, an impressive number of 2,000,000 gamers have already pre-registered for Ragnarok Origin Global. It’s obvious that the franchise has a strong hold on the public and adventurers seem particularly eager for the Global version. Southeast Asian players can especially make the most of the new server. To maximize the experience, one of the best solutions is to use Redfinger Cloud Phone, an Android emulator cloud.

Get ready to explore the world of Ragnarok Origin Global with Redfinger! Here’s an easy way to get started and start enjoying this exciting new MMORPG.

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Take a Fresh Step to Experience Ragnarok Origin Worldwide

Playing Ragnarok Origin Global will bring players familiar features, like jobs, skills, monsters, and cards, in addition to the new ability to create guilds and participate in guild battles with friends. Inviting people to the game can help build relationships within the game.

The quest system in Ragnarok Origin Global has been made more challenging and intriguing by the addition of new mechanics, which allow players to spend less time grinding. To enhance the gameplay, daily items have been added to the conventional class system and social system. For an enjoyable and laid-back journey, players can go hiking, fishing, and even sit on benches with friends.

A Summary of the Classes Available in Ragnarok Origin Global

Players of Ragnarok Origin Global have six classes to choose from: Mage, Swordsman, Archer, Merchant, Acolyte and Thief. They can then select from three jobs for each, including Mage, Wizard and High Wizard. Mages excel in utilizing elemental powers and performing magical attacks from a distance. Wizards are experts in using area-of-effect spells to take down opponents, while High Wizards have the capacity to cause immense harm and easily defeat their enemies.

Melee combat and shielding allies from harm are skills that swordsmen are known for. Knights can wield swords and lances and ride Pecos to traverse the battlefield quickly. Lord Knights, the most powerful of all the Knights, possess remarkable offensive capabilities that can decimate their adversaries in an instant.

A guide to the different classes in Ragnarok Origin Global is depicted in the image below.

Archers are a great choice to initiate combat due to their ranged physical attacks. Hunters can take advantage of traps and companions to prevail in the fight. Snipers can deliver a substantial amount of damage to their foes with only one shot. Merchants, in Ragnarok Origin Global, are wealthy in coins although their damage power is not as strong. Blacksmiths are skilled at producing equipment, while Mastersmiths can bring objects in the world to life.

In Ragnarok Origin Global, the Acolyte is the main supporter and healer of the team. The Priest is focused on party play and has the ability to heal and cleanse undead enemies, while the High Priest can mitigate damage and provide protection for their allies. The Thief is able to use both a cloak and a dagger to launch surprise attacks and turn the tide of battle. The Assassin, the second job of the Thief, is a master of stealth and cunning. It is said that the Assassin is a phantom of the night, as stated by the official website.

Redfinger – Get Ragnarok Origin Global Downloaded & Enjoyed

With Redfinger, one can easily obtain and relish Ragnarok Origin Global.

Consumers are able to access and play mobile games on their computers through Redfinger Cloud Phone, which functions as a virtual Android system. This cloud server demands nearly no data, storage, or battery power from physical devices, allowing users to run mobile games 24*7. To download and play Ragnarok Origin Global with Redfinger Cloud Phone, follow these steps:

To get REDFINGER, you can either download it from Google Play or access it through the official website’s browser.

To gain access to the Redfinger cloud smartphone, please finish the sign-in process. Should you run into any problems, please refer to the Redfinger tutorial videos.

In order to locate Ragnarok Origin Global, utilize the search bar within the REDFINGER APP Store.

Get the game running on Redfinger by downloading and setting it up.

Take off and have a blast playing Ragnarok Origin Global with Redfinger.

Playing Ragnarok Origin Global on Redfinger Cloud Phone delivers far better performance than if done on an ordinary cell phone. Their Android cloud emulator provides an optimal gaming atmosphere for enhanced gaming experience.

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